Tips on Finding the Best Background Check Companies

background check companiesAs an HR manager or entrepreneur who is in charge of selecting the best applicant for your work environment, a background check companies are partners to depend on to take care of business right. A good background check company will convey speedy, exact, extensive reports to mitigate your dangers and offer you some help with hiring the right individuals.

You can request for referrals or do an online search, and here are some of the factors to consider when you choose a background check companies:

Price – A base value and expenses that are added are two things to consider while deciding the value a background check company offers. Ensure you comprehend what extra expenses are included. Likewise don’t search at the least expensive cost, however guarantee you get quality screening. The expense of screening is a small amount of the expense of firing an employee and recruiting, hiring and Training a substitution.

Accuracy – Realize that background checks can contain inaccurate data, and dissimilar for credit reports, there is no central clearing house where errors can be contested. Ensure the company you pick has a reputation for precise reports and gives specific data on how it readies its reports.

Services offeredBackground check companies shift in the types of services they offer. Comprehensive services can give a personal and criminal background check, confirm professional and instructive capabilities, and check worker references, credit reports and drug screening. Choose a company that gives the specific services you require.

background check companies 2Responsible use of criminal databases – Businesses may depend on a national record search to spare cash; however a capable background check company will check local court-level records to get the most exact details.

Legal requirement – Background check companies should prompt you on all the legitimate requirements and government regulations on employment screening. They should guarantee you have the worker’s consent before you conduct the check and give guidance about your obligations when utilizing reports and your commitments if you make an adverse action decision.

Location and service area – Some background check companies just offer state or local background checks, so on if you require national or universal data, look for a company that offers these services.

Report format – Use a background check company that will give reports on the web, will send information in a report format, and gives automated processing and up to the moment searched on individual applicants or several applicants at once.

Speed – An acceptable background check company can turn around exact data within a week or less however may require more time for in-depth services that check references.

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How Pre-Employment Screening Can Help You Live a Better Life

Pre-employment screening refers to the procedure of researching the backgrounds of potential employees and is ordinarily used to confirm the exactness of a candidate’s claims and additionally to find any conceivable criminal history, workers compensation claims, or employer sanctions.

pre-employment screening

It has turned out to be more cost-effective for bosses because of the decrease in screening expenses. If a worker distorts data at work application, relating to health, incapacity or criminal history screening frequently distinguishes this. Child abuse cases can be lessened by screening new employees.

Pre-employment screening can deal with possible hires who may threaten the security or integrity of a company. Fear from September 11, 2001, and other terrorist acts have made individuals restless. Also, fallout from Enron and other prominent scandals including deception and misuse of power by corporate executives has employers being more cautious.

There are various ways in which pre-employment screening is advantageous to outfits in a large group of distinctive commercial ventures. The following is a list of reasons why you will need to consider using pre-employment screening as a major part of your employing procedure:

  • pre-employment screening2Expanded Productivity and Decreased Turnover – Acquiring ability in today’s occupation business sector can be extreme, however pre-employment background checks can offer you some help with weeding out inadequate or dangerous workers while better permitting you to match qualified employees with positions that fit their skill sets. This will lead to an increase in efficiency for your company while leading to a decrease in potential issues that could at ultimately make more contact in the workplace, which obviously will prompt higher rates of turnover. Higher rates of turnover lead to additional time, cash, and energy consumed on new hiring and training, and if the same procedure is utilized, the cycle may repeat itself all over again.
  • More prominent Compliance with Regulations – Many commercial ventures are heavily directed at local, state, and government levels. Performing intensive background checks before contracting can offer your company some assistance with ensuring that regulations and rules are being met while you simultaneously strive to uphold your industry benchmarks.
  • Lessening Risks of Negligent Hiring While Increasing Safety and Security – Are you stressed that your potential worker is high on something other than life? Drug abuse screening can decrease the dangers of drug or liquor abuse adversely affecting efficiency and security in the work environment. Carelessly hiring somebody with a checkered or criminal history may leave your organization powerless against wrongdoings or liability lawsuits that could start both within and outside your company. Monetary harms and fines caused by means of your careless worker’s activities can be devastating to your endeavor.

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Why Do Employers Need Employment Background Checks?

Employment background checks should be a part of just about every business’ recruiting and hiring procedure. The checks can go from counseling with references to checking criminal records. If your workers have contact with public or money related transactions, you should be specifically thorough about your personal investigations to evade negligent hiring claims.

employment background checks

Several possible approaches to lead background checks are to utilize a third-party service or background screening software to improve your present recruitment procedure. This can make the criminal and drug screen more proficient while you concentrate on the work history and educational check. Sometimes, your talent management software will incorporate the feature to run a background screen with the correct legalese to get consent from every applicant. On the other hand, you can request that candidates to submit to a criminal investigation and drug screen at their own expense, to be repaid upon effective passing and employment.

Doing employment background checks are not only an alternative anymore in recruitment – they are an essential part of being a responsible recruitment specialist who needs to give the absolute best candidate to every customer.

Here are reasons why employment background checks should always be a prerequisite part of the recruitment process.

  • Background checks can be an important instrument for selecting the right applicant. At the point when utilized reliably, this step can take out numerous future issues for the company. As an employer, it’s essential to guarantee that an applicant meets the full prerequisites of every assignment.
  • For one, your applicant will be thoroughly screened to guarantee that all the experience and qualifications recorded are precise for the needs of every employment request.
  • employment background checksYou’ll have the capacity to certainly present your employee who passed all background check to all your clients and have the capacity to negotiate more successfully.
  • Yet, in huge numbers of cases, the violence could have been counteracted just by leading background checks to figure out whether any potential new hires had criminal records or different factors that would make an unsafe workplace.
  • Since so many people misrepresent their experience and credentials, it is vital to do no less than a bit of verifying whether what the candidate says in regards to his or her experience is valid. Most employers don’t do any checking, and they frequently regret that choice. The candidate may be unfit for the occupation, or may have some identity attribute or past experience that causes issues for you later.

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What the World Would Be Like If Background Check Companies Didn’t Exist

You would be advised to begin reviewing those skeletons in your legal storeroom on the grounds that your future employer will most likely know those and other dirty little secrets about your background. There’s no privacy in today’s data age. With background check companies everything will become transparent. You’d be prudent to carry on with your life as though a camera’s dependably on you, because basically, it is. When you’re prepared to begin another occupation, hope to experience some pre-employment screening.

Below we’ll discuss in more detail the effects if background check companies didn’t exist.

  • regularDecreased Regulatory Compliance – Businesses confront a few layers of regulation during the hiring procedure. There are state and government rules for issues, for example, qualification and discrimination. Inside of businesses, such as social insurance and budgetary services, there are a few industry-particular state and government regulations from representing authorities and also authorizing and certification concerns. Inability to consent to any of these regulations can bring about steep fines or placement under a prohibitive ceaseless review or probation by a regulator.
  • Loss of Safety and Security – If background check didn’t exist, there will be no possibilities to identify probable harmful individuals within an applicant tool. By conducting drug testing, and state and national criminal, credit, and sex guilty investigation, businesses can better recognize and research any warnings in a candidate’s background. Health care associations will likewise need to check for industry approvals and therapeutic misbehavior events to alleviate the danger of carelessness and keep up consistence with health care authorities.
  • Concept illustration of hiring the best candidate. The graphic sIncreased Employee Income – In our Benchmarking Report, a general low quality of contract was a standout amongst the most widely recognized issues that businesses tried to adjust. Taking after firmly behind poor hires was the related high incidence of worker turnover. The proper background screening approach can assist an employer to prevent the lost time and expenses of settling on awful hiring choices and managing with the resulting employee churn. Managers may consider the effects of drug testing, criminal and sex offender checks, and even record of credit background checks from background check companies during the hiring procedure. This data can be used to better evaluate the integrity of a job candidate. An engaged way to deal with background screening will rapidly dispose of those laborers who have a history of harmful conduct, or who may repeat that behavior at work.


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All about Employment Background Verification

In every interview, the recruiter or the hiring manager will be given an opportunity to gather data and information and also to verify your work history. It is also to double check what is included in your resume.  Aside from what is written in the resume, they might ask more especially about works you previously engaged with. The employer might ask questions about your previous work history. This might contain employment date, wages, position, etc.  It is important for employers to check the previous work of their applicant and whether they will hire them or not.

employment background verificationEmployment background verification will help the employer’s know the possibilities if they will hire the applicant. Their previous work might determine or can give a hint in their performance if they will be hired. The information that the previous employers give might be limited for background verification so still, further background check is needed. But the verification will still depend on the needed information of the prospective employers. You might be ask fewer question about your previous work or it might be another way around. Just be prepare with the answer for possible question and of course be truthful with your answer. This will pave way for gathering more reliable information about the applicant.

In Employment Background verification, questions such as the following might be asked: the beginning and the end of employment, the position In the previous job and the promotions gained while I the position, the reason for leaving the previous employer, and also the question for legibility in the certain position especially if the previous employer does not give the reason for separation. The best way to answer this question, I think, is just by being honest, be unique in telling the truth.

employment background verificationEmployment background verification is just a simple process so that company will have an assurance that they hired proper individuals. This verification is a great help so the job will be secure, secure in a sense that the person who will perform that will perform with their best. The information from the previous work will put a weight, aside from the competency you might already have, in landing a job.

It’s a fact that your previous work performance has a great factor for you to find another job. It will determine your ability to handle a responsibility if you will be hired. So be true with all the information you will give to your employers.

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Step by step Instructions to Develop Techniques for Employment Screening

Employment screening will determine if an applicant meets the standards of a company. As job applicants, you must be aware that procedure is one of the most essential parts of recruitment so you should be ready for it. It might come as an interview about your personal life, views and your characteristics.

Here are the Step by step Instructions to Develop Techniques in order to pass the Employment Screening:

  1. employment screeningChange negative perceptions in your life. Positive thinking can help you out on how you’ll handle difficult things. During employment screening, there might be several questions that will detect your real personality so if you know how to approach certain issues it will show up during the interview.
  2. Experiment with new things and stay dynamic. Keeping active and performing new things will help progress positive thinking techniques in your life. It will provide you positive energy when you consider new things. You gain more confidence and self-determination. And during the employment screening, believing on your own abilities is the most important because the recruitment officer will definitely invest his trust on you.
  3. Give everyone a chance.  If you’ve never tried it you can’t contradict with it. Well, unless it’s drugs, violence, or anything else that is destructive. Being with several people can give you experiences and lessons in life. And during the initial assessment, the interviewer will determine if you know how to deal with other people for the reason that it is essential in building camaraderie in the workplace.
  4. Learn more about yourself. Most of the time you’re putting restrictions on what you can do and how you can view things. Try to explore things that can enhance your individuality.
  5. employment screeningFace the things that fright you. Worries have the capacity to produce doubt in our minds and uncertainty leads to negative thinking. Once you learn how to face challenges, you’ll gain inner strength and confidence. You attract positive energy as well. You begin to look at problems at solutions, rather than considering about the worst in each circumstance.
  6. Even if you’re afraid with the outcome of the employment screening, you still have to fight until the end so that at the end of the day there will be no regrets on your mind. As long as you consider things positively, all things will be possible. All your responses will be correct and precise.

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Ways on How to Conduct Better Employment Background Check

employment background checkWhy the need for pre-employment or even employment background check? This is a question that many ordinary applicants may be asking themselves, but employers know better. For years, this strategy may have not been used which have led to many failed employee-employer relationships. They know better now than to simply peruse the application form and subject an applicant to a written, oral or even a practical exam. There are a lot of intelligent and seemingly nice people who have wild imaginings, violent behavior or worst drug related problems, which employers should know about before they eventually subject all their other employees to the unsafe character of a new employee.

 These days, doing a background check on people is no longer a problem. There are already a number of software that can run a search in the confines of someone’s home or office. But not all software are the same. Intelifi is the background check program that is designed to keep a secret bank of all the information and details of people of all walks of life across the globe. Thus, it can generate a search that will pull all information that may not be accessible in other investigative work.

 This very comprehensive search program by Intelifi can be best enjoyed by employers if they know much about it. Below are three of the top tips on how they can make the most out of the software:

  • Set a purpose. Before a search, employers or general users should be able to identify the need for the search. Are they searching to find a person, an address, a job or general information on a person that they are interested in. By doing so, they can narrow the search to come up with the best results.
  • employment background checkUse it before the interview. For employers who want to learn the truth or verify the claims of a potential candidate on a key position, using Intelifi’s pre-employment background check software is best. This will allow the employer to key in the appropriate information like the name or address or number and get the results while the interview is ongoing or even ahead of time. This way, he can easily make a verification on any information that doesn’t fit.
  • Make it available. Applicants and the need to search on a person is a thing that comes in the least expected time. By simply making Intelifi a part of the hiring process, every background check will be smooth and efficient.

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The Most Effective Method to be Successful in Criminal Background Investigation

criminal background investigationBusiness owners normally conduct criminal background investigation to make sure that an applicant deserves for the job and do not have any criminal records which eventually can affect his performance and responsibilities in the workplace. And since there are state regulations that protect the former criminals, recruitment officers are not allowed to ask questions about criminal history. If you’ll be conducting numerous criminal background investigations, you may consider of taking standard procedures or ask for help from private investigators. It will be costly but will save much of your time. The procedure involves recovery of details from federal and government files and other databases. Criminal background investigation is being performed for the reasons of verifying an actual identity, looking for evidences for minor/major violations or other particular purposes.

criminal background investigationThe most effective method to get precise and comprehensive information to complete a criminal background investigation is to find and search for a credible company to conduct the criminal investigation. These companies normally can access the database of all the government bureaus.

Since most databases can be seen online, accessing and retrieving the records on the web can be one of the best options. There will be a minimal administrative fee and for the subscription.  For recruitment officers that normally conduct background checks for applicants, using online databases is a faster method rather than waiting for a written reply from a government agency. You can search the needed information from reliable websites. You just need to provide several information including the person’s complete name and complete address if possible.

criminal background investigationNormally, if an arrest is performed, it will be included on public records except if the detainee is an adolescent.  A juvenile’s criminal files are confidential since they are given more security than an adult. The record of the criminal’s arrest is considered as state file except if the criminal is a federal offense. County criminal records can be demanded and accessible through phone or in person from the government departments in charge for keeping the records in the state or county.

Credit information which includes bankruptcy reports can also be asked to complete a criminal background investigation aside from the personal details and identity information delivered. If you want to understand and have a clearer view about the method of gathering criminal records, you can consult from legal expert.

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How to do an Assessment Test during Employment Screening

Conducting assessment test is usually done during employment screening to evaluate job candidates if they possess exceptional qualities. Personality assessments will give a clearer picture on the character of the applicant while an abilities assessment will test the intellectual skills, and aptitude assessments examination will identify the strength of knowledge. Even though it’s difficult to know what to anticipate from an assessment test, there are preparations that you can do to win the job.

Here’s How to do an Assessment Test during Employment Screening:

  • Gather some information about the company that you want to work with and understand its core and your future responsibilities. Bear in mind, that employment screening is being conducted to assess if you really belong to the group and check if you are capable of doing your job responsibilities efficiently and effectively.
  • employment screeningTry to figure out what type of test will be used. If you can grab this information, you can conduct several researches on how companies use the assessment results and why they might be significant. This can give you a better understanding on what the company is looking from probable employees.
  • Take a practice test. If you already have an idea on what type of test will be given, there’s a probability that you do practice test from books or through online. Do the practice not to aim for perfect score but to check if what will be your possible score after the assessment test.
  • Get ready for face to face assessments. Aside from doing the test by answering series of questions on a piece of paper, there will be a chance that you’ll be dealing with some groups for it will identify how you share your ideas with them and how you deal with others. Assessment can also be performed through conducting an interview. You can get ready for these by considering your possible answer to possible questions and practicing how you will deliver your words during the presentation.
  • employment screeningReview for aptitude tests. Some fields will ask you to know standard information that’s considered uncomplicated yet vital. Emergency responders, law enforcement officers and those who belong in the medical field are more likely to have an aptitude test.
  • Be yourself. If you do well during the employment screening, it’s because you answered the questions by heart and it reflected throughout the assessment period.

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How to Pass a Personality Test during Employment Screening

Personality test is normally included during the employment screening. There are several job seekers who were unsuccessful to win a job because of failing from personality test. The screening will detect if the probable employee will match the standards of the company in terms of choosing the qualified or right person for the position.

Here’s How to Pass a Personality Test during Employment Screening:

  • employment screeningPrimarily, you have to understand that the company owners are conducting the test just to make sure that everything will run smoothly. Whoever provided the choice to apply personality tests for possible new-hires is tempted by the made-up savings and escalation in the overall excellence of employees and neglects that these tests are exceptionally inconsistent for several reasons.
  • You’ll be encountering a tricky type of questions during the first part of the test. It will prove that the examiner can still come up with the questions and has intense mental alertness. It will show you numerous outcomes which are equally socially acceptable but will still identify your real personality. It will try to discover if you’re an optimistic, easy to be with and a responsible individual. Even though the applicant may think that none of these are undesirable or unacceptable, there are still greater chances of proving if you’re an introvert or extrovert. Take note that you have to answer all of sets of questions in a similar manner to get the highest score.
  • The next type of question tries to determine your working attitude. Perceptibly you’ll answer all questions in appropriate manner to show how dedicated and hard-working you are. Aside from easy questions, there are still tricky questions included.
  • employment screeningAnother set of questions will determine your ability for rendering quality customer service and management. These are typically not that deceitful, but there are some to pay attention for. These answers signify many actions that a normal employee will take. The best employee will not exaggerate and call the authority or get into a bad approach with the customer, but instead tried to find enough solution on the problem.
  • This last type of question that may be included on the personality test are meant to measure how likely an potential candidate is to cause a loss to the company, either by being dishonest, cheating, or thieving.


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